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Welcome to the Grey Knights Blog! This is a new blog aimed at Daemonhunter players on the Warhammer 40k Table Top. While I'm not very experienced at Warhammer 40k just yet, I'm hoping this blog will help me as much as it will hopefully help the readers. I'll be posting information on painting, army pictures, army lists, and rumors/updates on the game. Hope to see some followers and comments soon!
Mike Hogan
Lastly, I feel I should leave some credit where credit is due. Several images on this site have been taken from other sources. Stern on the top left of the blog was taken from Warmaster Black Matt, whose blog can be found here:
The banner was found several places on Google, but the original author could not be determined by myself. If you know, please let me know. If anyone has an issue with these images, please let me know so I can act accordingly.

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