Daemonhunters: The Units; Elites Pt 1  

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The Inquisition sends some more specialized troops into the battlefield to support their troops. These elites are often much more few in number and are very costly investments to the Ordo Malleus; Losing even one of these soldiers would be devastating to the organization. From Inquisitors to assassins, the Ordo Malleus has a diverse force to choose from when considering an elite choice, so learning what each is capable of is important to the commander.
 I will first go over a brief description of the unit and then give my own advice on it with some tidbits of tactics or information. I won't include statlines, but they can be found in the online codex.

  • The Inquisitor (20 pts.) - The Inquisitor is akin to the Inquisitor Lord, the same about average statline but this one only has 2 Wounds and 2 Attacks with a lower Leadership at 8. However, the Inquisitor can access any equipment allowed (everything about) from the armory and may purchase psychic powers. The Inquisitor can have a retinue if desired, with up to 6 henchmen. If you forgo the retinue, the Inquisitor is an Independent Character. The Inquisitor also allows you to take many Elites choices in the army book, just like the Lord.

    Personally, an Inquisitor is nearly a must for any high point (1850-2000) Daemonhunter army. Often, I take a 'naked' one, giving him no wargear or additional weapons. This is simply so I may take an assassin in most cases, which is a huge benefit to the army. But when not taking an assassin, it is rare for the Inquisitor to be fielded. If I do take a naked Inquisitor, how I use him depends on the mission. If it is Kill Points and my opponent does not have many Deep Striking/outflanking units, I'll leave him somewhere safe and allow myself to preserve that one kill point. In objective missions or against a Daemon army or Drop Pod army in Kill Points missions, I'll attach him to one of my forward Grey Knight squads, adding some protection for him or a wound absorption; He is less important than one Grey Knight. It is possible to take the Inquisitor as a powerful force, though. He does allow you access to the Henchmen (who will eventually have their own post) and can be built to be a shooting squad. You can give him some Warriors in the form of Veterans or servitors for powerful weaponry, Sages allow him to hit more often, giving him +1 BS and re-rolling failed hits, Mystics to give Deep Striking defense, and Acolytes to add some more "wounds" to the Inquisitor and some small firepower. This same thing can be done with an Inquisitor Lord, which I'll hopefully cover soon. You can also give him some small wargear and move him forward with a Grey Knight squad, adding more firepower or close combat potential. Either way, if you do equip him with something, some good options are the Psycannon, Teriminator Armor/Artificer Armor, a Null Rod, a Targeter, a Plasma Pistol, and the Incinerator. See the Wargear article for more.

  • Daemonhost (85 pts.) - The Daemonhost is a human bound with a Daemon, displacing the soul of the human with that of the Daemon, but held in check by symbols of divinity. A Daemonhost may not be taken in an army that includes Grey Knights, however, as they would never stand and see such a beast on their side. Daemonhosts are fearless and are able to deep strike onto the battlefield and have a 4+ invulnerable save and a 6 Strength with 4 Wounds. They also come with many psychic powers that are chosen at random each turn, rolling a D6 to see which result you get. These powers require no psychic test but may still be canceled by Hoods and the such. Please see the online codex for the complete overview on psychic powers, as mine with be brief. On a 1, all units within 12" of the Daemonhost and not in a vehicle take a Pinning Test. On a 2, the Daemonhost regains all lost wounds. On a 3, the Daemonhost deep strikes anywhere on the battlefield. It may still assault that turn. On a 4, all units under a blast template centered over the Daemonhost take a S3 hit (excludes the Daemonhost). On a 5, the Daemonhost can move 12" and assault 12", also doubling its attacks before the charge bonus until the end of turn. On a 6, the Daemonhost adds +D3 to its Strength and Toughness until the beginning of the following turn.

    That's a lot of information. I recommend just reading the codex entry to get the full idea. I've never used one of these, but hopefully my insight is valid. A Daemonhost is a powerful CC unit, and most of its abilities focus around this. If you do use one (or three), you should probably keep them away from the rest of your army, else you risk pinning them and/or killing them. Move towards your opponent and hope to get the Teleport off, allowing you to close a massive gap between you and your enemy. Be sure to pick your targets carefully though. You can go for AV 10 rear transports and tanks, as well as MEQs/infantry squads, but watch out for hidden powerfists or Dreadnoughts. Both of them will instantly kill the Daemonhost on one unsaved wound, and that would be tragic. Try picking out weak units in the assault and bring them down before teleporting to your next target (hopefully) and taking them down. The Daemonhost can try to ignore hidden powerfists if you take a Vindicare Assassin, which I'll cover in his article. Daemonhosts are very random, and if you get used to that and know how to use them, they could be very fun to use.

  • Grey Knight Terminators (46 pts., 61 pt. Sergeant) - Grey Knight Terminators are the most psychically potent Knights and are marines that have earned their Terminator Honors. Donning Tactical Dreadnought Armor, they assault Daemons with their Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Weapon, occasionally carrying a Psycannon, Incinerator, or Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. Terminators are often a retinue of an HQ choice, but can also be taken alone, with a Brother-Captain equivalent to the HQ choice leading them. They can take a Psycannon or Incinerator with a somewhat reduced cost and can also swap their Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Weapon for a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield and take the Holocaust power. The terminators specialize in close-combat, but also have shooting equal to the Grey Knight troop choices, which is somewhat above the Space Marine standard.

    Terminators are something I take often, but rarely as an Elite. I find myself having enough simply from the HQ with a retinue, though at 2000 points I occasionally field these guys as an Elite in addition to my HQ. You have a squad size anywhere between 3 and 10 and take one special weapon and/or Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields. Also, your Brother-captain be equipped just as the HQ can, often taking a special weapon of his own. My configuration is usually 1 Brother-captain/Grandmaster with a Psycannon and Nemesis Force Weapon, 1 Grey Knight Terminator with a Psycannon and Nemesis Force Weapon, 2 Grey Knight Terminators with a Nemesis Force Weapon and Storm Bolter, and 1 Grey Knight Terminator with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. I often put them in a Land Raider or I deep strike them, depending on the mission/my overall strategy. They can be used as counter-assault troops, a "Deathstar" unit (one that steamrolls over most squads in close-combat), or even a distracting unit. If you do take the Incinerator over the Psycannon, you should use two Incinerators.

  • Death-Cult Assassin (40 pts.) - Death-cult Assassins are part of a religious organization so dedicated to blood that they offer to slay fo the Emperor as payment for His protection. They are agile troops that are able to infiltrate and have a 5+ invulnerable save. The Assassins also come with a power weapon and an additionally close combat weapon and have a Strength of 4 with a Toughness of 3.

    Death-Cult Assassins are great units for taking out MEQs. With 4 power weapon attacks on the charge and 5 initiative, in large numbers they would completely take out their opponent before they get a chance to swing. They have a relatively poor save, even though it is invulnerable and a toughness of 3, so you want to make sure these 40 point troops don't get taken out before they are able to do anything. You can either infiltrate them if you think you can get into a nice position or outflank them for the surprise attack. I would not deploy them at the start of the match, though, as they would get targeted and wrecked. By themselves, they wouldn't be able to make up their point costs either, so make sure you have units or other assassins assist them. They are powerful choices, but I find you have to invest too much in units they work well with to benefit, and hardly take them as my Knights cost enough points, ignoring choices such as these Assassins.
Well, there you have it. Part two I will go over Officio Assassinorum Operatives, as they deserve a post of their own. I hope you enjoyed this article, the next post will be in a similar write-up fashion.

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