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(Not actually Plastic GK Terminators)
As most of you have probably seen, there was a new wave of rumors coming from Blood of Kittens from TastyTaste. By all accounts, they seem very plausible and we could be getting a sneak-peek at the new codex, but no one can really say until we all get that "Incoming: Daemonhunters!" email hopefully very soon. I should let you know these are not word-for-word rumors from the site nor are they in the order posted there, they are simply my interpretations and responses. My responses will be italicized under each rumor, in order to try to keep things organized.Without further delay, here they are.
·         The codex will be coming out around March-May.
  • This is what we have been hearing all along. A March release would me an email this month, while April in January and May in February.

·         Allies are out, but units from Codex: WH which are not female are in this codex.
  • Allies being tossed out has been expected. However, the addition of Witch Hunter units hasn't been. I believe anything not specifically a "Sister" will be in the new codex. This means possibly new Henchmen and Penitent Engines.

·         There will be plastic Grey Knights, both in power armor and terminator armor.
  • I'm personally thrilled by this. I probably won't invest in any for a while if I don't have to, but plastic models are much better than pewter in almost every way, if you ask me. Cheaper models makes me happy.With a lot of units going out of stock on the Games Workshop site, they are either planning new plastics or are discontinuing the line.

·         There will not be Grey Knight Chaplains, bikes, or jump infantry.
  • I was looking forward a bit to Grey Knight Chaplains, but I didn't expect bikes at all. I was hoping for Jump Infantry in the form of Warp Spider like units, but there not being any does not surprise me. Most Grey Knight players have made by without these units and I don't feel like they are really necessary components of the army.

Army Wide Rules
·         No longer Fearless, but have Combat Tactics and And They Shall Know No Fear.
  • Ouch. A tremendous let down here. Not even being Stubborn? Insane. I sure hope they are all Leadership 10 and re-rollable or something because I feel fighting giant Demons and traveling into the Warp in a strike force while not being Fearless is a bit silly.

·         All Grey Knights are considered psykers and work similar to Psyker battle squads.
  • This is what I was hoping to hear. I truly hope their powers are worth using and not just making them Crucible of Malediction fodder and easy pickings for anti-psykers. This could really make or break the army, so we'll have to see what is given.

·         Any enemy unit which deep strikes within 6” of a Grey Knight mishaps instead.
  • Pretty interesting, but I don't see it happening too often. Obviously meant to be anti-Daemons, but it could be a pain against anyone who just scatters a bit too close. I don't think Drop pods will have to worry about this, but we'll have to see the wording on it.

·         Nemesis Force Weapons are Force Weapons and no longer Strength 6.
  • A bit depressing to me. Force Weapons don't help at all against Daemons, the main enemy, nor do they help against vehicles, which have always been a pain to kill with this army. We'll slaughter MEQs and the such in close-combat, probably, be there is a lot of versatility lost here. Not only this, but Terminators no longer have any close-combat killing bonus over power armor troops, a bit depressing if you ask me. Also: will each model be able to cause instant death only once? Does this mean you have to roll to wound separately when attacking Nobz or Thunderwolf Cavalry? What a pain...

·         All vehicles are immune Crew – Shaken and Stunned due to Sacred Hull.
  • Very cool and powerful, but it is a bit hard to believe. 'Free' extra armor and then some (and by some, I mean a lot). Chaos get this, but it lowers their Ballistic Skill to 3. It will probably make our vehicles that much more expensive, but we'll have to see.

·         Vehicles are psykers treated as Leadership 10 and have Blessed – a power allowing them to increase one armor facing by 2, to a maximum of 14.
  • This seems a bit overpowered, to be honest. Armor 13 Razorbacks which might as well be Predators or Land Raider-like Dreadnoughts in close-combat would be unstoppable. This may only last one turn and be once per game, so it might be a bit more fair... Again, we'll have to see.

·         No standard Marine weapons still (meltaguns, plasma guns, etc.)
  • Expected, but I do hope they give every squad the option for anti-tank, and hopefully without having to sacrifice for anti-infantry. With so few squads, Grey Knights will have to be very versatile.

·         There are a lot of new weapon upgrades, such as extra strength or Rending Storm Bolters.
  • Could be very helpful if it isn't too expensive. I could see this not being taken ever if they are even a mere +5pts per model, so I'm afraid they might not see use, though I would love Rending Storm bolters.

·         Psycannon is S 7 AP 4 Rending, Heavy 4 or Assault 2
  • It's as if Autocannons and Assault Cannons had a love child and then was blessed by the Emperor several times over. If they stay their current costs, I have a feeling this will be some of the best weaponry in the game. Bring out the psy-spam! Kind of odd, as Rending doesn't help against Daemons, but I won't complain.

·         Incinerator is S 5, AP 4, Rending
  • Rending template weapon? I don't think I've seen that one before. Very cool though, a Heavy Flamer on steroids. Might be tough to fit these when you are spamming Psycannons to no end, though.

·         Nemesis Force Weapons can be upgraded to +1 Initiative and possibly +2 Strength.
  • Awesome. Makes up for the Force Weapon change, as long as the costs are cheap. I could see this going hand-in-hand with the Storm Bolter upgrades, though. With both of them, it might be a pain to keep track on which squad/models has what.

HQ Units
·         Many of the Special Character HQs will change around the Force Organization Chart. For example, troop Terminators and troop Purgation squads.
  • This has been very popular with Games Workshop as of late, and I like it. It allows more flavorfull armies, like Deathwing or Wolf Guard lists. This will probably mean (Non-troops) -> Troops, as usual, but could be a couple things going to Elites, Heavy Support, or Fast Attack.

·         Brother-Captain Stern is back, with Eternal Warrior and instant death that ignores Eternal Warrior.
  • Old rumors stated Stern was dead, but it seems like he is back with these rumors. He has Grey Knight Force Weapon of old, ignoring Eternal Warrior, and I'm glad he has Eternal Warrior himself. Games Workshop has seem to be giving fewer and fewer HQs this in the past codices, so I expect he will be the only unit with it in here.

·         Grand Masters give out D3 minor weapon upgrades such as master-crafted weapons and digital weapons.
  • Could be very cool. Master-crafted Weapons and Digital Weapons make rolling a bit of a pain, as Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Vulkan players can probably atest to, but if your opponent doesn't mind you can just have one reroll for every one squad member. Grand Masters will definitely be a great HQ if they are similar to Standard Space Marine Chapter Masters in the other aspects, but I'm curious what special character Grand Masters we'll see.

·         Grey Knight Command Squads may be taken which has an apothecary that gives out Feel No Pain
  • Command Squads have been not taken as of late due to them being overpriced, but the Blood Angels codex took a step in the right direction by making them a bit more viable. They could use a bit more increases in power/slight price decrease, so we'll have to see some more information before judging. An additional unit can only be good, though, so no complaints here.

·         Inquisitor Lords are still an HQ and there are three special characters, one allowing henchmen (see below) as troops.
  • Inquisitor Lords making a return isn't surprising at all, nor is making Henchmen troops. I would have like to seen all Inquisitor Lords do that instead of just one Special Character, but I have a feeling that Special Character might be our good friend Coteaz.

·         Henchmen squads will be elites and range from Daemonhosts and Assassins to Stormtroopers.
  • Good to hear. Some rumors said no Stormtroopers while others said troops, and so on. At least people with 20 of them won't have them wasted.

·         Mystics are part of the Henchmen squad and count as teleport homers instead of disrupting deep striking.
  • No more cheesy anti-deep strike. I'm fine with it, as it was a bit overpowered.

·         Assassins are still in, and you no longer require an Inquisitor. They have all changed since 3rd Edition.

  • While I've found them all really strong, they were either easy kill points or didn't do all too much for their point costs. I'm excited to see how they have changed.

·         Vindicare has infinite ammo for special shots.

  • Infinite Hellfire rounds makes me happy, personally. I wonder if the ammo changed at all...
·         The Callidus drops a S 4 AP 2 Large Blast upon entering the field and has a S 8 AP 2 Neural Shredder. Whether or not this is still against Leadership is unknown. Can’t assault when coming from reserves.

  • I'll miss the whining about how broken the Callidus was, but the blast seems very powerful, too. Hopefully A Word In Your Ear will be intact this codex.
·         Terminators are about the price of standard Space Marines cost.

  • Fair enough. I hope they have more than just force weapons by default, though. Force weapons are strong, but having a squad full of them is a bit overkill if you ask me. Strength 6 Force Weapons, please? 
·         They can still mix Nemesis Force Weapons and Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield with Psycannons and Incinerators. Nemesis Force Weapon and Storm Shield is unknown still for a choice.

  • Expected this to stay the same. I am really hoping for Nemesis Force Weapon + Storm Shield, but we'll have to wait and see.
·         There will be a new Terminator-like squad that has two wounds, Feel No Pain, and a Terminator statline. Price is unknown.

  • This could be so amazing, almost defining Grey Knights as I think they should be. Hopefully they'll be somewhere between normal terminators and Obliterators (75 pts) when it comes to cost and will have nice options.

·         Grey Knights are about the same cost, close to Plague Marines.

  • Not changing too much here. I expected as much, so no much to say about this.
·         As said, Stormtroopers will be able to be troops in the form of Henchmen with a Special Character.

  • This might be the only use for Stormtroopers, or there may be a squad in the troops area for them.
·         Other troop choices remain to be seen, but Terminators may be troops by default.

  • Troops Terminators by default would be pretty cool, saving people from having to use a special character to play an all Terminator army.
·         Grey Knight can now take Transports.
  • A lot of people have been wanting this for a looong time. I'm not sure if I will be one to spam vehicles, but the option is nice.

·         Chimeras, Land Raiders, Razorbacks, and Rhinos are Dedicated Transports. Stormraven is not.
  • Chimeras as transports for Grey Knights? That would be cool. Stormraven being Fast Attack only is kind of expected. Razorback spam Grey Knights is possible, but I don't think it would be worth it.

·         Psycannon and Incinerator weapons have not been mentioned on these vehicles.
  • I'm really hoping for Twin-linked Psycannons on Razorbacks/Land Raiders, especially in their current rumored state. Oh, everything shall be purged!

Fast Attack
·         Grey Knights will see the Stormraven for themselves.
  • I think this is the hint that got everyone to think Grey Knights will be the next codex, so it is obvious it would be included in rumors.

·         Penitent Engines are also Fast Attack and in the codex.

  • Penitent Engines are a bit... odd. I'm not sure if they will be worth taking over a Dreadnought, but they are pretty close in usages. Plus, they are a lot weaker in most aspects. Even if they are Fast Attack, I hope they see some changes.
·         A Grey Knight Fast Attack choice may use Gate of Infinity with no scatter once a game. This may apply to all Grey Knights.
  • Seems really powerful, a bit too powerful at that. Teleporting across the map to contest objectives or getting away from a squad about to assault you is really strong. Add in hitting rear armor on tanks and killing squads in cover hiding in the back, it would be great but again, a bit too powerful.

Heavy Support
·         There is a new Monstrous Creature/Walker similar to a Talos and Karamazov as an Elite or Heavy Support. It will be in plastic and a new model released at launch.
  • If there is another walker, I just don't see Penitent Engines being useful at all. Anyways, I'm curious what these guys end up having. It's a bit nondescript right now, so again, we'll have to wait and see.

·         Dreadnoughts are still Heavy Support.
  • Expected a bit. Elites would be too cluttered if they weren't.

So, that's it for the rumors. Be sure to take everything with a grain of salt, however. Even though Blood of Kittens have been reputable in the past, many places of similar reputation have reported rumors that contradict these. I'm personally pretty excited for this new codex, even if I'm not happy with everything thus far. Have any opinions of your own on any of these? Comment them here.

Until next time,

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Nice analysis. A couple things that have come to mind since I first saw the BoK rumors are 1) No chaplains. Why not? It seems silly not to have them. And 2) Psycannons and Incinerators are both mentioned to have rending. Is this to replace No Invulnerable Saves? If so I is sad panda.

December 5, 2010 at 7:29 PM

I'm not sure why Chaplains weren't include, perhaps they were seen as an unnecessary component for the army as they are so faithful... Or something.

I would assume Psycannons and Incinerators no longer ignore invulnerable saves, which is a bit sad, but Rending is quite good, too.

December 5, 2010 at 10:00 PM

As a relatively new player, most of these changes seem arbitrary at this point.

After reading your analysis, it gave great perspective.


December 6, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Man... I am drooling over the possibility of twin linked psycannons on Land Raiders and Razorbacks... Nice article.

December 6, 2010 at 9:17 PM

Chaplain doesn't fit the GK lore at all.
That being said they seem to be totally ignoring the lore if these rumours are to be beleived so the fact they have included all these other terrible changes, basically turning GK's into SM's, mean that a Chaplain wouldn't be all that suprising. (Before arguing do some research on what the GK heirarchy is based on and where GWS got the concept from).

Hoping GK's will have a bit more justice done for them, lore-wise, but honestly my faith in GWS is so lacking anyway that I doubt it.
Of course they are an imperial army so they will probably be top of the food chain. Till the next imperial dex.

December 11, 2010 at 8:53 PM

Chaplains do make sense in Grey Knights lore because someone must be responsible for instilling such faith in the neophytes that are selected for the Chapter. Even if a fully fledged Grey Knight no longer require the counsel of a GK Chaplain, the Chaplain still has a role to guide and train new recruits. A GK Chaplain would also never avoid combat if duty required him to do so.

December 13, 2010 at 10:26 PM

I'm pretty sure the reason why Psycannons have rending is to fight vehicles.

February 18, 2011 at 9:56 PM

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