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Hey everyone, a new wave of rumors is just spreading, including some contradictions to old rumors. As some of these contradict, it is tough to find out which (if any) are accurate, so please don't come back and comment about how wrong I was. That being said, I'll italicize my personal comments. These are from several sources, so for the originals see Bell of Lost Souls, where they have a series of links to the original posts.

  • First off, we have the Dreadknight. It is a monstrous creature similar to the love-child between a Carnifex and a Penitent Engine (Pic not included). It comes with a Dreadnought close-combat weapon and a 2+ save with plenty of wounds to kick and may look similar to a Terminator. It has a chain-psycannon which is Heavy 12, but may be Strength 5.

    Seems pretty powerful and useful, depending on what Force chart-slot it takes up. The super heavy-bolter is a bit depressing. I'd might rather have dual psycannons for anti-tank ability. Storm bolters will seem to be powerful enough for anti-infantry, so I don't see more massive firing needed. Templates/blasts would probably work better at that point, but the high strength in close-combat would be helpful.
  • Once again, we see the rumors about Grey Knights losing Fearless and the possibility of Terminator troops, but making up for the lack of Fearless with psychic power. Powers may include Strength 5 Storm Bolters.

    Covered this a bit last time, just more confirmation.
  • Paladins are Terminators with two wounds and either a 4+ or 5+ invulnerable save. They may have an upgrade for an Apothecary who grants the squad Feel No Pain. No Eternal Warrior.

    Paladins seem like they would be a very cool unit. Nobz meet Terminators. They would be very flavorful with the whole concept of taking shot after shot, shrugging off as Terminators should and meeting the enemy in battle.
  • New option for henchmen is the Crusader. They are humans with power swords and storm shields, possibly with weapon skill and ballistic skill 4. Another option are humans with bolters or stormbolters, 5 points for the former and 7 points for the latter.

    Close combat oriented henchmen that aren't Death-cult Assassins will make close-combat Inquisitors attractive. Throw in the fact that they have 3+ invulnerable saves, and I'm pretty happy. Sure, they will probably only have strength and toughness 3, but they are pretty cheap for their wargear. The bolter/storm bolter retinues may be interesting for Inquisitor focused armies, but I think most armies will have enough bolter rounds to ignore these guys. They are cheap, though...
  • Vindicare Assassins are seeing a big increase. Infinite ammo with the same shots as before, but the shot that ignores invulnerable saves instead takes it away for the rest of the game. They are 0 - 3 choice but no longer have night fighting rules.

    Having up to three snipers in one squad seems like it could make the ultimate killing force. With a 3+ cover save from Stealth while in 4+ cover, they should be able to pick off any model within 36" that you wish to die. Even Land Raiders will crumple under their fire.
  • Different weapons have different effects. Of course, they are upgrades from the normal Nemesis Force Weapon, but they are as follow.
    Sword adds +2 Strength.
    Halberd/Spear adds +2 Initiative.
    There is one more that is unknown, but it would probably do something the lines of rerolling wounds or hits.

    It may be pretty obnoxious to model the Grey Knights as you want them to have upgrades, but I just have a feeling these upgrades won't see use very often. Adding more to a ~20 point model is usually not a great idea (see Space Marine Honor Guard/Command Squads/Vanguards). They die just like their less expensive partners, so having a squad of five 30 point models compared to eight or so at 20 points, the cheaper may be better. Sadly, multiple small units is how most people are playing, and adding these upgrades won't help.
  • Stern may come with a Storm Shield with an above par stat-line.

    Stern is shaping up to be another Mephiston/Swarmlord/Vect with an absurd cost but very powerful. While I'm not a huge fan of Special Characters, he may end up being someone fun to use.
Well, that's the end of these rumors. If you have any questions or opinions, leave a comment.

Happy Holidays!

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If the Dread Knight is real, I'm getting 3. It'll keep me from having to betray the Emperor by playing Nidzilla.

December 23, 2010 at 5:16 PM

This is kind of off topic but if u want free codex's go 2

January 16, 2011 at 1:31 AM

Did you get autocorrected from Anyways, Scribd often has codices, but they are often taken down quickly or lack some good pages. There is no real full codex in your hands, though I may or may not have many others on my harddrive through other means...

January 18, 2011 at 9:17 PM

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