Blog Update: Still Alive  

Posted by Michael Hogan

This was a triumph.. (image used without permission from joystiq).
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know I still am alive and blogging, just was out for a week due to illness and then another due to... Well, too many other things to do.
Not much to update, but I do have a couple things on the hobby side to touch base one.

For one, I got my Calgar and managed to tear him into pieces. I have to cover up things still, find a head, and wait for the new codex before adding arms. Oh boy (no, really!). Here is a quick picture.
(How... untouched.)
 For anyone who cares, removing that head was a huge pain. If you are going to try this conversion, either hope it is unbuilt, hope the glue is weak, or do something better than just brute forcing it. I ended up scraping the side of his armor a bit (seen just left of the head-"socket"). Hopefully no big deal, I'll see how it looks after priming.

And an awesome model for my Warriors of Chaos army I am soon to start up. Mwhaha. Quite opposite from Grey Knights fluff-wise, though they do seem a bit weak on the tabletop as current Grey Knights do. Soon to be changed, I hope.

I won't touch my upon Fantasy army often, maybe a couple hobby things.

I hope to soon cover some of the more recent rumors, including dates!
Stay tuned,

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