New Grey Knights: A 2,000 Point List of My Own - Mech  

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(Mortis Pattern Dreadnought made by Ron from From the Warp/Black Dot Barrel Studios)

Hey everyone, Xethik here with a list of my own. I've been a bit too busy to get to deep into the new codex, but to say the least I'm very excited. I'm sure most readers will have some ideas of their own or have seen some other bloggers post their lists, but I haven't seen much like this list I'm messing around with. It isn't the most competitive (as those seem to be spamming Coteaz+Henchmen, sadly) and I didn't really get into anything too new, so I will be posting up some more lists soon, I hope. Anyways, onto the list.
Grandmaster - [240]
Psycannon, Blind and Rad Grenades 
Librarian - [165]
Summoning, Shrouding, Quickening (perhaps Might instead) 
5 man Grey Knight Terminator Squad - [230]
Psycannon, Master-crafted Daemonhammer, and 3 Halberds 
10 man Grey Knight Strike Squad - [275]
2 Psycannons, Master-crafted Daemonhammer
10 man Grey Knight Strike Squad - [275]
2 Psycannons, Master-crafted Daemonhammer
8 man Purifier Squad - [272]
2 Psycannons, Master-crafted Daemonhammer, 5 Halberds
Heavy Support:
Dreadnought - [136]
Two Twin-linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammunition, Searchlights
Dreadnought - [136]
Two Twin-linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammunition, Searchlights
Land Raider Crusader - [271]
Multi-melta and Psybolt Ammunition, Searchlights
Total: 2,000 points on the head

Terminators go in the Land Raider Crusader with the Grandmaster and Librarian while everything else follows in their own transport. Everything is mech'd up. Grandmaster can use his Grand Strategy to make Purifiers scoring if needed or to give some reroll 1's to wounds. Scout on all the Rhino-units wouldn't be terrible, either. Anyways, there are 9 "Psycannons" in the army and 8 Twin-linked Strength 8 Autocannon shots, which is nice for demeching and killing infantry. A bit of a lack of anti-horde in the list, but I think the Storm Bolter shots and S5 Hurricane Bolters will gun down large groups somewhat easily.

If positioned correctly, the Librarian should be able to give stealth to almost every vehicle, meaning 3+ cover saves or 6+ if they don't normally have one. Quickening/Might of Titans are both used on your own turn, meaning I won't be trying to use too many psychic powers in my opponents turn to have to make tough choices, for the most part.

Strike Squads keep away deep striking meltaguns and drop pods as well as act as a really strong midfield squad. With the Land Raider ahead of their Rhinos, they would be at the back left and right corners of it keeping up a large Warp Quake area while Purifiers are snug between the two Rhinos, but hopefully with enough space to move around any immobilized vehicles. I could swap one Strike Squad for another Purifier, but I would like the scoring without having to rely on Grand Strategy, which can give the nice re-roll or Counter-assault/Scout.

Dreadnoughts follow being the two Strike Squad Rhinos, most likely, shooting at your opponent as they move up.

I really like the way the list looks like it would play, but I do want to try out Razorback with Twin-linked Psycannons and Interceptor squads, so I may kill two birds with one stone in my next list.

PS: Yes, Grey Knight still have to buy Searchlights. It's as if they are so brave that they forget their flashlights at home...

What do you guys think? Any major flaws? Any quick improvements?

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Looks interesting.
I'm going to be trying to build a non mech GK list, but the Dreads are very tempting with that setup!

March 19, 2011 at 10:27 PM

What strikes me about this list (and a few others for that matter) is that at 2 thousand points the list only runs four tanks in the Land Raider and three Rhinos, aside from the Dreads, and while it certainly qualifies as a mech list for GK I can't help but think that GK aren't meant to just put everything in transports like other Marine armies. We just can't produce as many targets for the enemy's anti-tank and the points spent on it could be better spent on more bodies (and, ultimately, more Psycannons).

Just an observation I've been making about the recent deluge of Grey Knight lists. I wonder if the best lists use Coteaz for a combination of cheap scoring Henchment and Grey Knights as the heavier shock troops.

March 20, 2011 at 12:48 AM

Why so many daemon hammers? I would change the purifiers to incinerators for your anti horde and min them at 5 or 6. You could also lower one of the Strikes down to half size and make another in a Rhino for these points giving you an additional squad in a Rhino. Might is a must! You may not need the daemon hammers as much with might as well. Quickening is good and all but just give him a halberd and he is at initiative 6 anyways. I like the list. Your list is definitely making me want to get out my crusaders again.


See my list at

March 20, 2011 at 8:28 AM

First off, I want to thank you guys for posting. Truly, I appreciate it.

Secondly, I should probably clarify is that I didn't mean this to be an oh em gee mech list that focuses on vehicles, I just wanted everything in a transport, for now at least. My title was a bit misleading. Sorry about that.

I agree that perhaps putting everything in a transport isn't necessary. I'm considering putting everyone on foot, maybe a Land Raider, or even taking a bunch of Razorbacks with combat-squadded psycannons outside of it. So many options, it makes me so happy!

It definitely seems the most competitive lists use Henchmen as dedicated transport-takers and some of the Grey Knight units to move out and actually take/contest objectives or table quarters. It won't be long until we see what the "best of the best" list is, and I'm sure many of us won't be happy with it, heh.

The reason I picked up so many Daemonhammers is to try to avoid getting stuck in close-combat with walkers and high toughness models. Plus, it helps for killing tanks in close-combat. Sure, I do have grenades and a lot of shooting, but I feel like they are worth it. Right now, at least. I agree on Quickening. 90% chance I'll be dropping it for Might at this point, perhaps dropping a master-crafted weapon or two for an additional power.

I can't wait to get some test games in, I'll let everyone know how they go.

March 20, 2011 at 1:30 PM

I would mabe throw in a techmarine and put warp stabilizers on the vehicles but u might hav 2 sacrifice a few things

March 21, 2011 at 9:28 AM

Does anyone know how to get a dreadknought with tw autocannons on both arms?

March 27, 2011 at 7:25 AM

Sorry for taking so long to get back you you. Here is a great conversion guide:

March 30, 2011 at 4:17 PM

It's a win in my book just because you're not spamming Coteaz-Henchman-Rhinos that seem to be in 95% of the lists I look at.
It looks like a solid starting point, of course everything changes after the first test game... but you gotta start somewhere.

April 6, 2011 at 1:23 PM

hi im jarrod can i get some feed back on this 1500 list. HQ: Ordo hereticus inguisitor with condemner boltgun and psyocculum -65pts. TROOPS: 2 five man strike squads with a psycannon in each (objective holders) -110pts each squad. ELITES: 5 paladins psycannon, brotherhood banner, 3 haliberds and 1 master crafted daemon hammer -325pts. FAST ATTACK: 2 squads of 10 interceptors 9 haliberds and a daemon hammer in each -315pts each squad. HEAVY SUPPORT: nemesis dreadknight personal teleporter, greatsword and heavy incinerator -260pts.

April 20, 2011 at 7:49 AM

Hey Jarrod,
While I love Interceptors and would love to run them similarly to you are in this list, I would really recommend either dropping them or downsizing them in order to pick up some more troops. You don't have much in the scoring department here, and if your enemy takes out your ten scoring models, you have no way to grab objectives. Remember, Grey Knights are not Fearless all around either, so you can end up running off the board, too. I wish I could give an alternative list to help out, but I'm really busy lately so I'll have to try to get back to you later.

April 26, 2011 at 6:27 AM

Jarrod: just like Michael said,need more troops. Combat squad an interceptor squad there, and make another two strike squads out of the other interceptor squad; problem solved! btw your pally squad is brilliant, wound allocation shenanigans on two wound termies ftw!

April 26, 2011 at 7:50 PM

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