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Posted by Michael Hogan

Hey there guys, Xethik with a bit of a different post today. I want to give a bit of a shout-out to some great blogs out there, helping both them and you. The title is a bit double-sided. The readers who support me will see some other great blogs out there and maybe learn something new about 40k while the blogs who support me will gain more readers; a win-win situation indeed. So I have three blogs for now, but keep in mind these aren't the only amazing ones out there. I try to add every blog I enjoy to my blog roll, but I often miss some. Still, that is a great place to look.

First, I want to give a plug to the Space Wolves blog. While it isn't Grey Knights related, learning your enemy is one of the most important things. Plus, there is much more other than Space Wolves tactics up there. With some great hobby articles on painting and modeling, there is something to be learned by everyone. Plus, my favorite part is the excellent battle reports. This blog is constantly pumping out battle reports that give insights on strategies and army lists. And if you are thinking about starting up some Sons of Russ, the tactics there are amazing. I drew a lot of inspiration there for my own tactics and they are really outstanding and I really hope this site can eventually be this site for Grey Knights. Even if you aren't a Space Wolves player, take a look there because there is just so much to take in for a 40k player. So again, the Space Wolves is great for for anyone and I really recommend you give it a look if you haven't.

Jawaballs' Blood Angel blog is another source of personal inspiration. Jawaballs is an amazing Blood Angels player and an insanely talented painter.  I've practically learned how to paint (and I still need to keep learning seeing my newest minis) from this man and his amazing blog. He also does Jawaballs Live every Wednesday at 6pm Eastern which he answers questions and paints. He has plenty of Youtube videos to help you learn to paint and has some video battle reports. If you haven't seen his site, it is definitely one to look at. His painting isn't for Blood Angels only, either. He has nine Space Marine chapter tutorials, Eldar Fire Dragons and Dire Avengers, Tau Fire Warriors and Kroot, Necrons, Imperial Guard, and Orks. Painting at its best.

Fritz's blog, Fritz40k, is an amazing blog all around. Fritz is a fellow Grey Knights player, but also plays Saim-Hann and Harlequin Eldar, Tyranids, Necrons, and is starting up a Tzeentch Daemon army. He also has a Death Guard army and Black Templars. Yeah, a lot of stuff there. He is a master tactician and has given me a lot of ideas for what to do with Grey Knights, many of which I share here. He also has plenty of Youtube videos including a recentish set on Grey Knights tactics. Really a great watch, showing things I can't display on my blog.  I'm assuming many of the readers here came from his blog, but if not you really need to look at it. I can't express enough how helpful his blog is. His battle reports are always learning experiences, learning what to do and why. He also answers questions often on his blog, so you can see what your fellow players have to ask. He occasionally does live videos, too, so keep in tune with his blog so you don't miss those.

So, I hope these blogs really help you as a player and hobbyist out. Be sure to watch the blog roll, as there are so many great sites out there I can't link them all. I hope this doesn't feel too "filler"ish for most of you out there, but I promise I'll have a nice tactic or painting article coming up soon. Until then, keep yourself occupied with these amazing blogs.

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I came from Fritz's site, which is always great for some pretty broad topics, especially Eldar.

Its certainly hard to find really useful and relevant blogs that are both interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing these, I haven't seen the Space Puppy one before!

August 23, 2010 at 12:33 AM

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