Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Salamanders  

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The forces led by Inquisitor Xethik landed on the frozen-over planet and prepared for an assault against a daemonic force. There was an unholy artifact buried here, under tombs and catacombs long forgotten where a Chaos Cult summoned Daemons and forces of Chaos and the Inquisitor planned on destroying the threat and the artifact before the planet had to be terminated via Exterminatus. The planet had been the fall place of several Grey Knight battle-brothers previously, and the chapter demanded the bodies be retrieved before the planet was blasted into nothingness. It was either destroy the heretics or retrieve the bodies and either way, it would involve cutting through the forces of Chaos. The Inquisitor looked ahead with his forward strike team, made up of Grand Master Iustus and several of his Terminator brethren and 30 Battle-brothers in power armor. Two Dreadnought's, Ismael and Malachi, also stood with the Inquisitor, the machines inside humming to a tune that was unheard by all ears. There was no sign of any forces or any corruption, no Imperium or Chaos. The force set forward for several hours...

After trekking forward, a small Space Marine force was seen ahead. Loyalist or Chaos, they had to be destroyed. Looking ahead they appeared to be of the Salamander's chapter, loyalist Space Marines. It was unaware why they were here in the Calixis sector, let alone this Segmentum. Perhaps they were renegade or drawn to the artifact themselves, but they had to be destroyed either way. No one was to know of this operation, and even if it cost several lives, they had to be routed away. The forces of the Ordo Malleus stormed ahead and the Salamanders saw them approaching, welcoming the incoming Inquisition force with no hostility.

The Daemonhunter's force was this:
Grey Knight Grand Master Iustus with Psycannon and Master-crafted Weapon
3 Grey Knight Terminators with Psycannon and Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Inquisitor Xethik with a Combi-melta

Callidus Assassin

Full Grey Knight squad with two Psycannons and targeter on Justicar
Full Grey Knight squad with two Psycannons and targeter on Justicar
Full Grey Knight squad with two Incinerators and targeter on Justicar

Grey Knight Land Raider with Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers
Grey Knight Dreadnought with Twin-linked Lascannon and Smoke Launchers
Grey Knight Dreadnought with Twin-linked Lascannon and Smoke Launchers

The Space Marine Force was this:
Forgefather Vulkan
Librarian with Terminator Armor and Epistolary Upgrade

10 Man Tactical Squad with Flamer and Multi-Melta, Serg with Plasma Pistol
Rhino with Extra Armor

5 Man Tactical Squad with Serg with Melta Bombs
Razorback with Twin-linked Lascannon

Scout Squad with Camo Cloaks, Bolt Pistols and Close-Combat Weapons, Missile Launcher, Power Fist

Terminator Squad with two chainfists and a Heavy Flamer

Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields
Land Raider Redeemer

Ironclad Dreadnought
Drop Pod

Vindicator with Extra Armor
Thunderfire Cannon

Deployment was Pitched Battle and mission was Annihilation. I knew I had a small leg-up from the start seeing how I had many fewer kill points than my opponent. Total, I had 10 while he had 15. Not a huge difference but the amount of transports and small squads I was hoping to kill easily would really give me a good lead to lean on. I set up a plan in my head. I was going first, so I wanted to knock out at least one of the Vindicators and shake the other. Knocking out would mean immobilizing it where it meant nothing, weapon destroying it, or destroying it completely. First turn with 4 Lascannons I figured I could do that. If he didn't have a cover save on the, which one wouldn't thanks to a Word in Your Ear, I would have about a 50% chance to do that to one of them with two Lascannon shots. I deployed in a somewhat castle-up deployment but I knew my opponent was going to try to flush me out with those blast templates and force me into the open. If I held onto my plan I could stick in the back with my entire force and laugh at his transports as they meet Lascannons and the troops inside are blasted by Storm Bolter and Psycannon. Of course, that was if everything went with my plan...

My opponent deployed with two main flanks. He had a Vindicator, Razorback, and Thunderfire Cannon on one side and his other Vindicator, Rhino, and Land Raider on the other. Excuse the poor picture, but I hope you can see most of it.

In the bottom left you can see the Vindicator a bit and the other corner has the second Vindicator with the Land Raider behind it. The Thunderfire Cannon is in some rocks in front of the ruined building.

My opponent told me he was banking on my bad rolls (I have terrible and notorious tendencies to roll ones) or he would have reserved a couple things. We laughed (well, I did) and moved onto Scouts and Infiltrates. At this point I used A Word in Your Ear to move the Vindicator in the ruined building (in the left side of the picture) out into the open in order to blast it off the table. He decided not to try to seize and it moved onto Turn One.

Turn 1, Grey Knights
I didn't move anything and went right into shooting. The two Dreadnoughts playing peekaboo with each other aimed at the Vindicator moved out into the open and both fired a searing las-shot into the dozer of the vehicle.  One failed to do anything as I rolled a one to pen and the other penetrated with a six but only managed to shake the crew. Both Psycannon squads open fired at the Thunderfire Cannon, the Techmarine and gun saving all the shots fired by the first squad but the second squad fired psycannon rouds that pierced into the side of the barrel of the gun and caused it to tear into shreds. The Techmarine was fine, however, and he would become a nuisance later on.

After my turn, his side looked like this.
The Techmarine is the marine out in the open.

Turn 1, Salamanders
The Salamanders realize that the Inquisition is firing upon them and they react. Most things roll forward and they call in a drop pod. It lands right next to the Psycannon squad hiding in some rocks and an immense Ironclad Dreadnought comes slamming out. The ground shakes and snow melts around the steaming pod that just entered the atmosphere and the dreadnought erupts in a cloud of smoke as it pops defensive mechanisms. The Razorback fires at the closest Dreadnought and it would have destroyed it was it not for the icy rocks in front blocking the blast.
Turn 2, Grey Knights
Both Dreadnoughts, Malachi and Ismael, react to the Ironclad by moving closer and firing a Lascannon salvo. Their shots are for nothing as they can't quite see where the Ironclad is beneath the smoke. As this happens, the Callidus Assassin takes her original form by one of the Vindicators and fires her neural shredder at the troops inside. They duck underneath the shot but are still shaken from it. The Psycannon squad near the Venerable Dreadnought see their position is vulnerable and make their way closer to the other battle-brothers. The Land Raider fires at the other Vindicator and hits its treads, immobilizing the Vindicator where it is. Both Dreadnoughts go to charge the Ironclad, but Ismael can't quite see where his opponent is. Malachi, however, moves in for the kill. Risky for the Dreadnought to attempt to smash one dedicated in close-combat, but he knows he will save many battle-brothers if he is successful at dismantling his opponent. In a clash of fist and gears, the Dreadnoughts send punch and knee at each other. In the end, they both cripple to the ground. The tombs encasing the wounded survive, but the armor itself is no longer intact as the Ironclad bursts into some small explosions and the Grey Knight variant crumbles as its legs gives out. The Callidus slashes at the Vindicator but only manages to shake the crew again.
Turn 2, Salamanders
The Salamanders call in additional reinforcements. A Terminator squad deep strikes in, landing in an open area in front of both Psycannon squads. A Scout squad comes from a side flank and climbs up the remains of what seems to be a water tower and set up there. The Rhino rolls forward and deploys its smoke launchers and the Land Raider Redeemer inches forward and fires at the Callidus in the middle of no-where. She dodges nimbly but is forced to flee the battle as she is wounded gravely as I cannot roll a 4 on either test. The Techmarine from the fallen cannon moves to the Vindicator and fixes its treads so it may move again. The Razorback fires at the Dreadnought but rolls a 1 on its side armor, doing nothing. It seems I may have touched the Salamanders with my own rolling skills, somehow. The Terminators run towards the ruins, trying to avoid any fire that is coming their way.

I apologize for the poor pictures. Lighting isn't great and neither are my photo skills.
Turn 3, Grey Knights
The Land Raider moves forward in an attempt to blast the Vindicator that has gotten close to pieces. The Terminators led by Iustus move out of the Land Raider to assault the Vindicator, but are just out of range. If only they had taken an extra step when walking out of the Raider... (I was rushing and didn't deploy them 2" from the hull as I could barely reach. Bah). The Land Raider fires at the smoking rhino but does not connect as the shot goes flying by. The Incinerator squad moves into the ruins in case the Vindicator lives, which it does. Both Psycannon squads unload on the Terminators and kill all but two and wound the Librarian directing them. The Dreadnought moves forward behind the same rock and fires at the Razorback, but rolls a 1 to pen itself and does nothing.

Turn 3, Salamanders
The Terminators realize their numbers will fall unless the do a lot of damage and they Gateway of Infinity right in front of the two Psycannon squads and ready the Heavy Flamer and the Librarian invokes another psychic power. The Rhino lets out the Tactical squad and they move close to the Terminators and ready their own flamer. The Redeemer also moves closer and spins its Assault Cannons.
This picture was in the middle of the movement phase as I realized I forgot to take one earlier. The Vindicator on my right side moves closer and also prepares to fire. The Terminators let out a Heavy Flamer shot that sears a couple battle-brothers and the Librarian has his power shut down by my Grand Master. The Tacticals let out a flamer shot and bolter shots and kill the Terminator with the Psycannon. The Vindicators fire and kill a couple power armor knights as they dive to the ground and the other misses and blows the snowy ruins in the center to bits. The Scouts fire at the Dreadnought and the Razorback shoot at the Grey Knights who dived to the ground and neither do any damage.

Turn 4, Grey Knights
The Grey Knight Terminators move closer to the Tactical squad and fires at them, wounding a couple but they stand strong. The rear Psycannon squad moves forward and gets ready to fire at and charge the Terminators.
The Land Raider moves closer to the Vindicator and fires at it, wrecking it but not completely destroying the hull. The Psycannon squad unleashes at the Terminators and assaults them, losing several brothers to vicious wounds but sending attacks back leaving none but the Sergeant of the squad. The Dreadnought fires at the Razorback and finally wrecks it and tacticals crawl out of the remains of their transport. The Terminators run in at the Tactical squad and cut all but four down and they retreat. The Terminators try to consolidate closer to them but simply shuffle.
Turn 4, Salamanders
The Tactical marines make a regroup and the Land Raider Redeemer moves forward and pushes the rhino out of its way. Assault Terminators are spat out led by Vulkan and the Techmarine off to the side moves closer to the Vindicator. The Tactical marines, Vulkan, and Redeemer all fire at the Terminators, but the Terminators stand strong. The Vindicator fires and finishes off the power armor Grey Knights as their cover was blown away by the previous shell and the scouts fire at the Dreadnought with no effect. The Assault Terminators charge and Vulkan and the Grand Master meet blades. Vulkan slashes at the Grand Master and the Grey Knight next to him, but both blades are repelled by the thick armor. The Grand Master lands one blow, however, and psychically enhances the blade to be powerful enough to knock out the Forgefather. Blades are blocked by the Storm Shields of the Terminators as the Grey Knights make a last stand but they are sent into unconsciousness and violently wounded by the powerful Thunder Hammers. The Sergeant is put to the blade but takes out one Grey Knight before he falls to the snowy ground.
Turn 5, Grey Knights
The remnants of the Grey Knight psycannon squad move forward and fire at the Vindicator, immobilizing it again and shaking the crew. The Land Raider moves back a bit and fires at the Tactical marines but fails to do anything. The Dreadnought moves towards the drop pod and shoots the storm bolter off of it but cannot reach it with its close-combat arm. The Psycannon squad charges the Vindicator and knocks the demolisher cannon off of it but fails to destroy it.
Turn 5, Salamanders
The Assault Terminators move even closer, as does the Tactical squad from the Razorback. The Redeemer drives at the Vindicator and unleashes the Flamestorm Cannon on them, killing a couple. The Techmarine lets out a plasma pistol shot and kills another. The Scouts decide to aim at the power armor Knights but fail to do anything. The Tactical squad that was cut to bits by Terminators fires a Multi-melta shot at my Land Raider but only glance and then shake it.
Turn 6, Grey Knights
Fate has determined the battle shall rage on as the Knights dwindle into low numbers. The Land Raider fidgets again, trying to get away from Terminators and melta-fire. It fires at the Tactical squad but doesn't manage to force them to desert their force. The Dreadnought fires at and tears the Drop Pod into pieces, breaking the supports it explodes as the Dreadnought slams down on the pod. The Psycannon squad move to the back of the Vindicator and fire Storm bolters into the back, but do nothing. They charge it but don't manage any damage other than shaking the crew. The Incinerator squad moves forward a bit but stays hidden behind cover.

Turn 6, Salamanders
The Redeemer moves around the Vindicator and primes the Flamestorm Cannon once more. The Techmarine  fixes the Vindicator's treads and the engine roars to life as scouts reposition themselves on the water tower, trying to spot the Dreadnought. The Terminators charge and smash the Grey Knight Land Raider, but don't manage to deal damage. The Tacticals from the razorback finally make it forward and clasp a melta-bomb to the Land Raider, but it detonates doing nothing.

Turn 7, Grey Knights
The Incinerator squads decides to redeem itself, doing something this battle. They charge forward and unleash a hail of bullets and let loose flames at the Terminators, taking one out as a casualty. The Inquisitor charges up his combi-melta and fires a stream of scorching heat that burns through the Storm Shield of the Terminator and injures the Space Marine inside. The Dreadnought takes aim at the Rhino and fires at it, but rolls a one to penetrate, again. The Land Raider moves to behind some rocks and fires at the multi-melta tactical squad, killing the last boltgun carrying member but the squad does not retreat. The Power Armor Knights charge in and wound one Terminator with Nemesis Force Weapon. They strike back and knock down two power armor Knights and stand ground.

Turn 7, Salamanders
Tactical squads fire at the Land Raider and charge at it with a melta-bomb but only knock off a Lascannon. The Scouts and Redeemer both fire at the Dreadnought, and they manage to immobilize it and break off the Lascannon arm but it survived the battle. In close-combat, the power armor Grey Knights fight the Terminators. The Justicar puts one of the Terminators on his sword but the other blades ping off the remaining Terminator. An Incinerator carrying Grey Knight, however, raises the butt of the gun and smacks the Terminator viciously, and pours holy flame onto him, causing the Space Marine to fall.

The battle was over and well fought. Both sides gathered their wounded and tended to them, and the Salamanders moved out of the way to let the Ordo Malleus continue to their objective. While many fell in battle, most were not slain outright and were tended to and reinforced the armies once more. Overall, the Grey Knights won, scoring eight kill points while the Salamanders only scored six kill points. If it were up to victory points, however, the battle would have been much closer, just about even. It was a great game and it was a lot of fun.

There was a lot of should have done differently in hind sight, however. I probably should have sent my Callidus at the Techmarine, picking up an easy kill. I also should have kept the Land Raider back longer. If I continued firing at the Vindicators, I would have been able to hopefully keep them at least shaken for the entire game and I could have picked off the Razorback if I had the extra Lascannon shot. Either way, I managed to pull off a victory and my opponent wasn't playing the best list he could have possibly made, as it was just a friendly game. Either way, doing this battle report really inspires me to paint my army more, and hopefully next time it is on the field it will look much better. I hope you guys enjoyed the battle report. If you have any questions or if I seemed to have screwed something up, let me know and I'll address it in the comments. It was my first battle report so if you think I should change things up next time, let me know. 
Thanks again,

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Awesome. Bit of a long read, but was entertaining.

Always good to see more Salamanders players, even if they do get beat. And by Grey Knights no less!

September 5, 2010 at 2:19 PM

I always make really long posts and I've been working on making them smaller, but I just can't do it. Hopefully once I do painting, I'll take it easy and do bit by bit, post by post.
I'm glad you enjoyed. I'll try to do another one next week.

September 5, 2010 at 3:30 PM

I like the long posts and the descriptions make it seem much more fun than "rolled a 1, nothing happened" Keep 'em coming.

September 5, 2010 at 5:15 PM

Well fought and nice batrep. You spaced the report nicely with pics so it's length wasn't an issue for me. It also had a good balance of narrative mixed in. You were spot on in trying for the Rhinos first. In Kill Point scenarios it's best to work light armor and single models first. That Techmarine would have been a quick kp for your LR if you had line of sight to him.

September 5, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Kill points are hard with the callidus- you either have to pick a target that you can drop in one shot, say like that tech marine and then hide the rest of the game so you don't trade a kill point for a kill point, or you have to be able to potentially punk two units, since once she pops up dudes are going to try and kill her.

September 8, 2010 at 12:09 PM

Posted before I could finish...

Gret work on the blog so far, very solid stuff, the 40K community has needed some good GK's stuff for a while now.

September 8, 2010 at 12:10 PM

Yeah, I was thinking back how I should have tried to snipe the Techmarine with something right after I posted this and how I should have popped smoke at some point with my Land Raider, so on and so forth. But I was lucky enough to pull through anyways.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I hope I can get some inspiration for some posts out soon. I've been slow and irregular with my posts, but maybe someday I'll fix that.

September 8, 2010 at 4:08 PM

Awesome batrep, was very indepth and interesting, and its always great to hear about the GK's doing well in battle!

September 10, 2010 at 9:22 AM

i like your narative style battle reports......

September 13, 2010 at 8:15 PM

did you get my email

September 16, 2010 at 4:28 AM

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