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Hey guys, I have a battle report here from this past week. I did a quick game against my friend's Orks, at 2000 points. We rolled up for deployment and missions and it ended up being Pitched Battle and 4 objectives. It was a game that was a ton of fun and quite humorous. Also: I'm sure another one of my friends is looking forward to Incinerators being changed in the new codex. I hate to say it, but I'm looking forward to it, too. Well, I'm mostly looking forward to everything else in the new codex.
I also squeezed in some other updates at the bottom, so feel free to skip to them if the battle report doesn't interest you.

1 Big Mek (HQ)
     #Mek's Tools; Cybork Body; Attack Squig; Bosspole; Choppa (x1); Kustom
     Force Field; Stikkbombz
     1 Deff Dread (Troops)
          Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Grot Riggers;
          Armour Plates; Dreadnought CC Weapon (x2); Skorcha; Skorcha
1 Warboss (HQ)
     'Eavy Armour; Attack Squig; Cybork Body; Bosspole; Power Klaw (x1);
     Twin-Linked Shoota; Stikkbombz
     9 Nobz (Troops)
          'Eavy Armour (x9); Big Choppa (x1); Choppa (x5); Power Klaw (x3);
          Slugga (x9); Waaagh! Banner (x1); Cybork Body
          1 Painboy
               #Dok's Tools; 'Urty Syringe (x1); Cybork Body
5 Lootas (Elites)
     Deffguns (x5)
5 Lootas (Elites)
     Deffguns (x5)
1 Battlewagon (Heavy Support)
     Armour Plates; Big Shoota (x4); Killkannon; Kannon (x1)
1 Looted Wagon (Heavy Support)
     'Ard Case; Reinforced Ram; Boomgun
19 Ork Boyz (Troops)
     Big Shoota (x1); Slugga (x18); Choppa (x19)
     1 Nob
          'Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Big Choppa (x1); Big Shoota
19 'Ard Boyz (Troops)
     Big Shoota (x1); Rokkit Launcha (x1); Slugga (x17); Choppa (x19)
     1 'Ard Boy Nob
          Power Klaw (x1); Slugga (x1)
9 Ork Boyz (Troops)
     Shoota (x9)
     1 Nob
          'Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Power Klaw (x1); Big Shoota
     1 Trukk
          Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Wreckin' Ball; Big Shoota (x1)
3 Deffkoptas (Fast Attack)
     Buzzsaw (x3); Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha (x3); Choppa (x3)
1 Grey Knight Grand Master (HQ)
     Nemesis Force Halberd; Psycannon
     #Terminator Armour
     3 Grey Knight Terminator Retinue
          Nemesis & Psycannon (x1); Nemesis & Storm Bolter (x2)
1 Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (Elites)
     Bolt Pistol (x1); Close Combat Weapon (x1)
     Power Armour
1 Callidus Assassin (Elites)
     Callidus Temple; C'tan Phase Sword; Neural Shredder; Polymorphine; Poison
9 Grey Knights (Troops)
     Psycannon (x2); Nemesis & Storm Bolter
     1 Grey Knight Justicar
          Nemesis & Storm Bolter
9 Grey Knights (Troops)
     Psycannon (x2); Nemesis & Storm Bolter
     1 Grey Knight Justicar
          Nemesis & Storm Bolter
9 Grey Knights (Troops)
     Incinerator (x2); Nemesis & Storm Bolter
     1 Grey Knight Justicar
          Nemesis & Storm Bolter
1 Grey Knight Land Raider (Heavy Support)
     #Power of the Machine Spirit; Extra Armour; Smoke Launchers; Searchlight;
     TL Lascannon (x2); TL Heavy Bolters
1 Grey Knight Dreadnought (Heavy Support)
     Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Dread. CC Weapon;
     Heavy Flamer; TL Lascannon
     Smoke Launchers
     Extra Armour
1 Grey Knight Dreadnought (Heavy Support)
     Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Dread. CC Weapon;
     Heavy Flamer; TL Lascannon
     Smoke Launchers
     Extra Armour
 While I didn't take a picture of the deployment, it was pretty simple. I castled up in the back right of my deployment, near two objectives, and my opponent had a Battlewagon, Lootas, Deff Koptas, Looted Wagon , and 'Ard Boyz on that same side while he had a Trukk of Shoota Boyz, Lootas, and a large boy squad on the opposite side of the table by his other objective.
Here is an artist's rendition (Knights are blue, Orks red, and objectives green).
(Who needs art school?)
Pre-turn 1:
Orks scout forward Deff Koptas and then steal the initiative. Things look a little grim for the Grey Knights right off the bat.

Top of Turn 1: Orks

The Ork army advances and the Deff Koptas move towards one of my Dreadnoughts. The Trukk skids around a large building, advancing towards my deployment zone, but still far from my forces.
(The Trukk hides behind that large building)
First, the Orks bellow as their Looted Vindicator fires a round straight at the Land Raider, but the holy armor causes the round to bounce. Then, the Lootas near the Battlewagon shoot their Deffguns at the Incinerator squad, gunning down two warriors where they stood. The 'Ard Boyz tried to use a big shoota and rokkit to hit the closest squad, but a 12" Shrouding roll stopped that. The other Lootas also get shutdown by the Shrouding, but the nearby Boyz manage to get one shot off and wound Inquisitor Xethik. Deff Koptas shoot and fail to do anything, and then get ready for an assault...
At which point the Dread flails at them wildly, killing one, and scaring the other two off (Hit and Run). But the Orks managed to take out his legs, immobilizing him... looking at absolutely nothing. Bravo Dreadnought.


Bottom of Turn 1: Grey Knights
In an uneventful first turn, I managed to fire three Twin-linked Lascannons, and miss with all of them but one, which ended up being saved by the Kustom Force Field. After pitying me, my friend said it was logical for the immobilized Dread to turn and fire at the Deff Koptas, at which point he missed, too.

The Incinerator squad move back and fire at the 'Ard Boyz with Storm bolters, killing two.

Psycannons managed to do something, however. They took out a Loota in the squad on my right-side, and managed to kill two Boyz in the large squad on the objective. I then pass the turn to my opponent, and start whimpering as I didn't manage to keep the Battlewagon at bay, even with side armor shots on it.

Top of Turn 2: Orks
The Orks once again surge forward, clapping their weapons together and roaring unintelligible insults. The Trukk makes its away the large building, not quite in range of the Grey Knights. Lootas kill another Grey Knight in the Incinerator squad and the other Boyz/Looted Wagon can't get a hit on due to the Shrouding, again. The Warboss then declares a WAAAGH!! and 'Ard Boyz and Nobz alike move towards the Grey Knight front lines, though the 'Ard Boyz do fight amongst themselves a bit. The 'Ard Boyz can't reach the Grey Knights with their charge and lose momentum while the Nobz sink their Power Klaws into the Land Raider, wrecking it. 

Bottom of Turn 2: Grey Knights
Bursting of the wrecked Land Raider, Grand Master Iustus and his Terminators lead the nearby Grey Knights in a counter-charge. The two Psycannon squads move closer to the Land Raider, and everything open fires. Incinerators belch holy promethium, while Psycannons and Storm Bolters rain upon the Nobz. The remaining Dreadnought in battle also fires his weaponry, but doesn't manage to even cause a single wound. Five Nobz are gunned down immediately, even with their Cybork, 'Ard Armor, and Painboy. The two psycannon squads also shoot all they have at the 'Ard Boyz, leaving 11 members left in the squad. Everything that can assaults the Nobz, and blades start hacking away at the Greenskins.

After Grey Knight attacks landed, the Nobz retaliated with their Power Klaws. The Terminators were slashed away, not being able to rely on their shields, but the Grand Master managed to live, somehow, as I rolled two fives for him.

The Nobz then try to flee, but the swift Incinerator squad manages to chase them down and put the remaining members to the blade.

Top of Turn 3: Orks
The Trukk boyz climb on top of their vehicle as it pulls up to the Inquisitor and his squad, firing at the Grey Knights, killing one despite the Ork's inability to aim while a gunner on the Trukk finishes off Inquisitor Xethik. One of the Loota squads can't find their targets but the Looted Wagon fires at the Incinerator squad, killing several. The other Lootas fire at the Dreadnought outside of cover, shaking it.

The remaining Koptas also fire and assault this Dread, but are surprisingly squashes beneath the massive fist of the fallen Grey Knight.

The Trukk boyz close in on the Grey Knights, not managing too much other than bringing death to themselves.

Bottom of Turn 3: Grey Knights
In a desperate attempt to lodge themselves near the enemy objective, the Dreadnought and Incinerator squad charge toward the Battlewagon while the Dreadnought launches its smoke launchers. Iustus moves around to finish off the remaining Shoota Boyz and assist the Psycannon squads with making it towards an objective.

The Shoota Boyz are cut down to their Nob, while the Incinerator Squad and Dreadnought combined manage to explode the Battlewagon and pray.

Top of Turn 4: Orks
After seeing the Battlewagon destroyed, almost all of the Orks begin focusing on the units responsible for it. The Dreadnought forgot about the smoke surrounding him, so it ceased to exist and he was rained upon by Loota shots, removing his close combat arm. The rest of the shooting and assault from the 'Ard Boyz wiped out the Grey Knight squad, while the Looted Wagon fires at the Psycannon squad near the objective and they run to the ground to avoid casualties.

After seeing the Boyz run down the Grey Knights, the Deff Dread attempts to do the same against the Dreadnought, and the combat ends with absolutely nothing occurring other than another immobilized Dread. Far away, the Psycannon squad manages to kill off the Nob.

Bottom of Turn 4: Grey Knight
Finally, the Callidus Assassin decides it is a good time to do something, and she appears near the Ork objective with the Looted Wagon. The Grey Knights in the back fire at the Trukk, destroying it with Psycannons. The Assassin decides she doesn't really like those 'Ard Boyz remaining and tears them into pieces, retreating into terrain to hopefully survive the upcoming return fire.

The Dreadnoughts decide that they actually really like being useless and flail some more.

Top of Turn 5: Orks
Without too much to do, everything open fires on the Callidus Assassin, managing to turn her inside out. And then finally, the Grey Knights Dreadnought decides that its life wasn't really living up to previously set expectation and proceeds to explode.

Bottom of Turn 5: Grey Knights
Finally standing back up, the Grey Knights move and run towards the farther objective, knowing that they need to reach it in order to win this battle on a very odd textured Ping-Pong related planet. However, they get distracted by their shiny armor and barely budge.

I roll for the end of the game, and as expected, I roll a one.

Post-game Wrap Up
It seems logical to try to guess how this game would have went if the turns continue, but it really could have went either way. On the Ork turn, he probably would have been able to assault at least one of the Grey Knight squads (the larger one with Iustus at this point) and the result of that would have determined the game, truly. If I had managed to kill the Dread, the game probably would have went to me, but if the Dread lived, it certainly would have been at best a tie, depending on whether or not I could make it to the farther objective in time.

The game was a blast and I had a ton of fun making fun of our terrible rolling. It had been a while since I played a game of 40k, so it was nice to squeeze a game in late at night praying to the Snow Gods (similar to the Chaos Gods) I wouldn't have to go to school or work the next day.

In other news, I managed to pick up Marneus Calgar for my Grandmaster conversion. I'm now browsing through some heads, and I'm considering a Crusader-type helmet from the Death Company sprue (picture below) and the Command Squad Champion head for Space Marines. What do you guys think? Should I use a Grey Knight Terminator head or one of these?
Stolen from Black Matt
From GWs Site
I also picked up a new model for a new project I'm starting. I'll give one hint: Games Day 2009.
I'll get back posting soon and I'm considering doing a post on my opinion on Counts-As vs. Proxy, as that has been all the rage these days.
Until next time,

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Yay, I missed your battle reports

February 6, 2011 at 2:10 AM

Great batrep Michael. Very fun and exiting to read!

February 6, 2011 at 4:27 AM

4 the helmet u should either use honor guard chapter champion helm or captain Cato sicarius helm.

February 7, 2011 at 1:09 AM

Hm, both of those helmets would work. The one thing is that they are attached (I believe) completely to their models so it may be a pain to get it separate. I'll see what I can manage. Thanks for the suggestions.

February 8, 2011 at 10:03 PM

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